Our Services at Yawsport

YAWSPORT LLC is a multi-faceted design and consultation business that offers our clients a broad range of services and products. Performance product companies that do not have in-house design resources, but are looking to pursue private label programs will benefit from our engineering/research and development experience in the automotive aftermarket. Product development programs are structured to cater to our clients specific brand image while maintaining the highest level of quality and function. We design and produce a growing list of our own brand of products as well as offer our customers an ever expanding component selection from other quality manufacturers. We are an authorized dealer/technical advisor for BILSTEIN Shock Absorbers, Swift Springs, SPARCO, CUSCO/WinMax Brake Pads/Bride Seats, Clutch Masters, Fuel Safe, Volk Racing Wheels, Team Dynamic Wheels, and Burn’s Stainless.
  • Private Label Product Development and Consultation
  • Competition Vehicle Builds, Preparation and Service
  • Performance Suspension System Design and Tuning
  • One-off Component Designs
  • 3D CAD Design and Documentation
  • Motorsport Event Management
  • Test Driving/Competition Driving
  • Driver Coaching
YAWSPORT in the News:
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  • Motorsport event management: http://www.automatters.net/2009%20Columns/0254.htm
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  • https://grassrootsmotorsports.com/articles/vintage-views-honda-crx-si/
  • US Patents: http://patents.justia.com/assignee/thyssenkrupp-bilstein-of-america-inc